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InHouse PinHawk Alerts

Keep your organization informed take advantage of PinHawk services.

PinHawk Services

Use PinHawk services to keep your company up-to-date. Here are a few ways that PinHawk will meet your needs:

Build a newsletter: Distribute an electronic newsletter each day throughout your organization.

Web alerts: Use PinHawk Web Alerts to update your Intranet throughout the day.

Newsletter on your Intranet: Add a daily PinHawk newsletter to your Intranet.

Watch a Page: Use PinHawks Watch A Page to notify necessary management and staff about important news.

Build a Newsletter

PinHawk will help you select and customize alerts to optimize the value of your organization's Newsletter. You can use our database of alerts, or we will easily create new ones.

PinHawk professionals work with you to design the newsletter format and content to fit your requirements. Its a simple process that requires minimal time for people in your organization. Click here to learn how its done.

Add PinHawk Web Alerts to your Intranet

All the news sources available through PinHawk emails will appear on your company Intranet. News from important sources are updated throughout the day with PinHawk. See more on Web Alerts. Click here..

Add a PinHawk Newsletter to your Intranet

Distribute PinHawk newsletters without sending emails. Some people prefer to receive PinHawk Newsletter content through web pages or RSS feeds rather than email. Any PinHawk Newsletter can be delivered to your Intranet; both newsletters customized for your firm and standard subscription based Newsletters. A custom PinHawk newsletter will help drive traffic to your web site. See more on our Subscription page.

Monitor Critical News with PinHawk Watch A Page

When its critical to monitor a news source, let PinHawks Watch A Page, notify you when important news becomes available. Whether your requirement is for just a few days or long-term, PinHawk provides a cost effective solution. More information on Watch A Page

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