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Joe Bookman - Principal, Founder

Joe Bookman has co-founded and built two technology companies, including CompInfo, which is now part of Open Text. CompInfo's software, LawPack, was widely implemented in law firms and corporate legal departments. He also held management positions at CBS News with responsibility for Election Night and survey systems.

Dimitri Cherpelis

Dimitri Cherpelis has over 25 years experience in the software industry. He has held Vice President and Director positions, managing great teams of developers and engineers to build solid software products. Dimitri's exposure in companies like CompInfo, the NFL and PhotoLibrary now part of Getty Images, bring many skills to PinHawk. PinHawk continues to benefit from his technical expertise in search technology, indexing and retrieval and content management.

Mike Wisz

Mike Wisz has been in software for 20 years, where he has worked on a wide range of projects, including NASA imaging software used on planetary missions, computational biology developing algorithms for rational protein design and bioinformatics, and a search tool for intellectual property professionals. Mike continues to educate himself in all the latest in web development, applying his expertise to PinHawk technology.

Meet Some PinHawk Editors

PinHawk newsletter editors review PinHawk alerts every morning so that our subscribers see the most relevant and interesting news of the day. They are all dedicated and enthusiastic about their topics of interest.

Jeff Brandt - Law Technology Daily News Editor

Jeff Brandt's daily commentary in PinHawk's Law Technology Daily Digest is a must read for many legal technology professionals. His passion for law office technology is contagious. Jeff's 25 years of experience include Chief Information and Knowledge Officer for several AM Law 100 law firms. He continues to serve in numerous capacities as an advisor, consultant, writer and frequent conference speaker.

Constance Ard - Librarian News Digest Co-Editor

John DiGilio - Librarian News Digest Co-Editor

John DiGilio is the National Manager of Research Services at Reed Smith LLP. He has worked and taught courses in law and legal research all over the world. John is the founder and chief editor of iBraryGuy.com and is an active writer on the film and food scenes in Chicago. A life-long learner, he has degrees in politics, information science, and law.

Bill Lipner - Legal Administrator Daily Editor

Bill Lipner has been focused on law office administration throughout his career. He brings multiple useful perspectives to PinHawk's Legal Administrator Daily. Bill's daily commentary demonstrates to subscribers his focus on managing information to reduce costs and risks. The early part of Bill's career included work as the legal administrator for two small firms. His love of technology led Bill into law office consulting and sales of legal automation products and services.

Monica L. Sandler MCT, MCOM, IC3 - Legal Education and Training Daily

Monica Sandler has worked in legal training and operations for the past 11 years and in corporate training for 10 years before that. She is a frequent speaker on education and training topics and serves on several advisory boards. Monica's law firm work centers on principles of candidate pre-evaluation, concrete learning plans and defined learning goals.

Sue Silverman - Law Firm News Editor

Sue Silverman is the primary editor for PinHawk's Law Firm News, including newsletters for Canada, UK, Australia, Boston and Chicago. Sue practiced litigation for 6 years for two national law firms and has always had an interest in the business and management of law firms. Every morning, Sue uses her experience and extensive knowledge of large law firms to enable our subscribers to begin their workday with the news they most need to know concerning the business issues and big deals of large law firms.

Yiorgos Athanassatos - Hedge Fund News Editor

Yiorgos Athanassatos is the primary editor for Hedge Fund News. As owner and manager of eWorld Fund, Yiorgos makes a point of reading everything available about hedgefunds. He uses PinHawk alerts to keep current and provides our hedge fund subscribers with the benefits of thorough analysis every morning. Prior to founding eWorld, Yiorgos was President of CompInfo, a legal software company now part of Open Text.

Latasha Lessington Tax News Editor

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