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Start every workday with the news you need.

You and your colleagues can use PinHawk's custom newsletter service to get news about clients, key decision-makers, industry trends, and more. Private label newsletters can also be used to help your corporate management, sales, and marketing personnel to be more effective. Each person on your team will receive news focused on topics important to meeting your corporate goals.

Everyone in your organization can be aware of important internal meetings, marketing events, new government regulations, and any activity important to your organization. Management can discuss strategies and objectives. Everyone can monitor corporate references on blogs, tweets, and traditional news sources.

Law firms and other businesses rely on PinHawk emails for their first must-read every morning. Subscribers have access to important industry news that they may not have seen without our newsletter.

Developing your custom newsletter is easy. In many cases, it's as simple as telling your PinHawk account manager the companies, people, and/or topics that you want to monitor. Within a few days, you'll receive your first sample newsletter, with actual content. It takes little time and PinHawk is with you every step of the way.

As your requirements for tracking people and events change, PinHawk will adjust the email to meet your needs. If you need to monitor some news sources more closely, our Watch A Page service makes sure that you get breaking news when it happens.

To learn more about how PinHawk will address your needs, and to get a cost estimate, click here.

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