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What is a ‘publicly available’ PinHawk newsletter?

PinHawk publishes many newsletters every day. These emails cover a variety of topics and are read by professionals in legal, financial, real estate, and other industries. Some newsletters require an annual subscription fee after a two week trial. Other publications are available at no charge for industry professionals. Sample newsletters are shown here.

What is a ‘customized’ PinHawk newsletter?

Some organizations would like to receive daily emails with content unique to their particular requirements.

Some of these newsletters contain news sources not found in any publicly available newsletter.

Other newsletters are a variation of a publicly available newsletter. For example: management at a large law firm may want to receive PinHawk’s Law Firm News and Press but they also want to include news about important clients, prospects, or even their own partners.

What is a ‘private label’ PinHawk newsletter? How is it different from a ‘customized’ newsletter?

‘Private label’ refers to one type of ‘customized’ newsletter. ‘Private label’ newsletters are sent primarily to people outside of our clients’ organizations. The newsletter is branded with the corporate logo and branding.

Can you describe examples of clients using private label newsletters?

A client believes that a subscription newsletter is useful to target groups: clients, business partners, employees, members of a trade association, etc. The private label newsletter can include all or part of a subscription PinHawk newsletter. It can also include press releases, commentary, or other news to promote corporate brand, activities, sales promotions, etc.

A client wants to reach a target audience to promote their products and/or services using news sources most useful for their target audience. The news often represents a unique mix of interesting sources for the target audience.

Can a PinHawk client use a private label newsletter to make money?

Yes. Our clients can sell banner ads or set up a classified ad section within the newsletter. This ad revenue can offset the subscription charge and the newsletter can be a profit source while enhancing your corporate image with your target audience.

Do customized or private label newsletters need to go out daily? Or can it be less frequently?

They can go out daily, weekly, on demand, or any other time interval.

What news sources are used by PinHawk?

Most any web source can be used by PinHawk. This includes blogs and tweets as well as traditional news sources, corporate, government and regulatory sites, and other sites. If the news source is password protected, then access will require password access for each subscriber.

Are volume discounts available for subscription publications?

Yes. Volume rates are based upon total volume of subscriptions of all PinHawk publications combined. For the discount schedule for your firm, provide your contact information and any questions here, or for immediate response, call us at 212-363-7766.

I have a great idea to improve a PinHawk newsletter or service. Where can I send my suggestion?

We'd love to hear it! You can contact us directly at We get lots of feature requests and we're always working on implementing many of them.

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