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PinHawk newsletters are read by influential business professionals on a daily basis.

PinHawk is an important media channel in the legal market as well as the other industries we serve. Our popular electronic newsletters, branded customized newsletters, and our, give clients a powerful combination of message delivery vehicles. Here’s why:

Emails targeted

Each email highlights a specific industry and area of expertise. Our subscribers are executives who depend on PinHawk for "need-to-know" information.

Message delivered

PinHawk emails put your company's ads on the desktops of our readers every weekday morning.

Results measured

Each publication reaches key executives in important organizations. PinHawk reports measure the effectiveness of your ads.


We offer a variety of ad formats, newsletters, and schedules.

Choose the sponsorship programs that meet your needs.

Choose the best mix of newsletters to reach your target audience.

Some options:

A customized newsletter for your clients, prospects and employees.

A daily newsletter ad.

A newsletter section featuring your own content.

A PinHawk Blog Ad.

Classified Ads to promote a new product or service or to interest readers in joining your organization.

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