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Popular PinHawk Law Librarian Daily Digest Now Includes Weekly Summary

PinHawk's Law Librarian Weekender highlights the most read news of the week.

New York, NY (March 15, 2016) –PinHawk LLC, the leading publisher of aggregated daily emails for professionals, introduces Librarian News Weekender, a Saturday email with the most popular news articles of the previous week. PinHawk’s new Librarian News Weekender supplements the daily Librarian News Digest by presenting the weekly news of most interest to colleagues and other legal professionals.

The PinHawk librarian newsletter aggregates content from many traditional sources, blogs, and relevant vendors. News targeted to the library and knowledge management community is delivered in one daily email. Now the most important Top News commentary is provided weekly in an easy-to-read format, distributed at no charge to qualified legal professionals.

John DiGilio and Constance Ard, thought leaders in content management, serve as co-editors of Librarian News Digest. Their daily commentaries provide subscribers with an informative, fun-to-read analysis of news, blog posts, and other sources related to the concerns of today’s library professionals. Each weekday, their comments on important issues of the day are a must read for subscribers interested in the modern law library. John is National Manager of Research Services at Reed Smith LLP and is the founder and chief editor of industry blogs, and On Firmer Ground. Constance is Senior Consultant at HBR Consulting and provides independent consulting services as the Answer Maven.

The law librarian community needs to be up-to-date on library management, content management, compliance, social media, knowledge management, and more. Librarian News Weekender puts the most important news for the week into a concise format.

PinHawk's Joe Bookman says, "Librarian News Digest, with insightful commentary from John DiGilio and Constance Ard, gets very positive reactions from our subscribers. People who request subscriptions through our website inevitably turn into regular readers. Our new Weekender lets a subscriber easily catch up with the latest news and commentary after a busy week with limited time for email.

“The feedback on all 4 of our complimentary daily law office newsletters, in addition to Librarian News Digest, Law Technology Daily Digest, Legal Administrator Daily, and Education and Training Daily continues to be overwhelmingly positive. We always appreciate reader suggestions about our services or about content sources to enhance newsletter value.”

To receive a complimentary subscription to Librarian News Digest, with Weekender, register at For more information about PinHawk and our services, and for other subscriptions, go to

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