PinHawk - Press Release, October 2005





Ozmosys to Spin Off Division to form PinHawk LLC

PinHawk to maintain and market the newsletter service, renamed NewzDigest.  Ozmosys to maintain and market the personalized email alert service for the Enterprise.


New York, NY (October 14, 2005) - Ozmosys, Inc. announces that, effective October 14, 2005, the company's news digest business will become part of a new entity, PinHawk.  The two companies will each use the core Ozmosys technology that has successfully delivered need-to-know information to professional services clients for over 5 years.  Each company plans to enhance the software to best meet the needs of their clients. 


The two companies have agreed to work together by sharing sales information.  Ozmosys will focus solely on the Ozmosys Enterprise Service, which delivers personalized daily emails.  PinHawk's NewzDigest service will concentrate on the delivery of daily topic-based electronic newsletters both to individuals and to organizations who want to provide a useful service to their clients, prospects, or employees.


"We've always viewed our news digest business as a hidden gem, but we've never devoted the resources that it deserves.  Dividing our business lets us build a team just to promote news digests.  When the PinHawk team finds organizations that need personalized emails for each professional, we can just refer them to Ozmosys while we develop single newsletters that are applicable to a broader range of subscribers.  These electronic newsletters may be private labeled for one of our clients or distributed under the PinHawk label to subscribers." said Joe Bookman, former President of Ozmosys, Inc. who has resigned from Ozmosys to become President of PinHawk. 


Eric Gross, CEO of Ozmosys who also assumes the title of President, stated, "The Ozmosys Enterprise service has become an important tool in many large law firms and legal and compliance departments.  We are expanding into other markets where large professional organizations will benefit from Ozmosys technology.  When we find organizations interested in sending daily topic-based newsletters we'll send them to PinHawk.  We look forward to the opportunity to expand usage of our Enterprise Service as the premiere means of aggregating content within the large organizations we serve."


For more information about Ozmosys and the Enterprise service, go to  To learn more about PinHawk and the NewzDigest service or to receive a free trial, go to


About Ozmosys, Inc.


Ozmosys, Inc. ( is a privately held company, providing information delivery, subscription & distribution management tools. Ozmosys services remove the barriers of other distribution methods while consolidating high-value information and content sources. Ozmosys services are tailored to the interests of every professional within an enterprise.  Founded in late 1999, the company serves an expanding customer base.  Ozmosys, Inc. provides Information Executives intuitive ways to control both information overload and information overlook.  Ozmosys delivers the right information to the right people at the right time.



About PinHawk LLC and the NewzDigest Service


PinHawk LLC ( is a privately held company, founded in 2005.  It will maintain and promote the NewzDigest service, (formerly the Ozmosys newsletter service). 


The NewzDigest Service uses Ozmosys technology to distribute daily topic-based electronic newsletters with Internet-based, industry specific news content to professional end-users, large organizations, their clients, and their prospects. 



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