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PinHawk LLC Provides Daily News Service, Customized To Each Law Firm

PinHawk's daily email delivers web news targeted to the needs of each law firm.

New York, NY (February 4, 2008) - PinHawk LLC, the publisher of news for professionals, has expanded its services to deliver customized electronic newsletters for specific law firms. Law firm management can now receive emails which combine their favorite sections of current PinHawk newsletters with monitoring of web sites of interest and with electronic news focused on their clients, law firms, and other topics.

Law firm managers, marketing officers, public relations, and many administrative personnel need to be up-to-date on law firm mergers, new offices, attorney moves, client events, relevant blog postings, legal technology, and more. Subject matter experts need to monitor web sites relevant to their expertise. PinHawk daily emails put the most important headlines into one concise format where it can be seen at a glance; full access is just a click away.

The PinHawk email service aggregates news from traditional sources, corporate web sites, government and regulatory agencies, and other news sources essential for law firm subscribers. All the news targeted to the needs of one law firm is available in one customized daily email. Once the newsletter content is defined, the first live edition can be available within 48 hours. Modifications are implemented in less than 24 hours.

PinHawk content is available in a variety of forms. PinHawk emails can be sent throughout the firm or appear on the firm Intranet. Before distribution, the newsletter may be edited to remove or reorder content. PinHawk daily emails can also be private labeled for the law firm and distributed both within and outside the firm.

PinHawk's Joe Bookman says, "Our newest email service is a great way for law firms to maximize the benefits of PinHawk technology. Growing numbers of law firms receive our NewzDigests: Law Firm for the latest news about large firms, Law Firm Press for large firm press releases, and our localized daily emails for Boston, Chicago, and the UK. Subscribers appreciate the value of our service and they often request customized content. So now we’re including custom newsletters in our list of services. Many law firm subscribers already rely on a customized daily email, which often includes client press releases, blog postings, and other targeted news sources. Others prefer RSS feeds or customized web pages offered through our Web Alert service."

To get details about a daily PinHawk email for your firm, email For more information about PinHawk and the NewzDigest service, or to receive a complimentary two week trial to PinHawk daily emails, go to

About PinHawk LLC and the Electronic Newsletter Service

PinHawk LLC is a privately held company based in New York City. The company maintains and promotes its Electronic Newsletter and Web Alert services.

The Newsletter Service distributes daily topic-based emails with industry specific news content to professional end-users and to large organizations, their clients, and their prospects. PinHawk emails are either private labeled for a client or distributed under the PinHawk label.

Publicly available PinHawk daily emails for the legal community include: Law Firm, Securities, Corporate Legal, Court Opinions, Law Firm Press, Law Blogs, Chicago Law Firm News, Boston Law Firm News, UK Law Firm News, and Banking. Two week trials of these electronic newsletters are available at

Web Alert Service technology enables intranets and web sites to display PinHawk collected news. These alerts are updated throughout the day.

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