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PinHawk LLC Launches Intraday Alert Service
Alerts Monitor Any Web Source at Regular Intervals during the Day

PinHawk email notifies client of news soon after it is reported.
Service is ideal for tracking diverse publications with local news.

New York, NY (November 18, 2009) – PinHawk LLC, the leading publisher of aggregated daily emails for professionals, has introduced an “Intraday Alert” service to deliver information from any web news source soon after it is published.

Professionals need up to date news about clients, competitors, other organizations, individuals, or critical issues. Important local news sources often have limited access. It is impossible to manually review news in real time. PinHawk solves this problem with their Intraday Alert Service, delivering web links to time-sensitive media news and opinions, as they are available, as frequently as needed – every two hours, or even less.

According to Lynn Fogle, Manager of Library Services at Greenebaum Doll & McDonald in Louisville, KY, “The PinHawk service solved an important problem for us. We needed to monitor news about an issue that was critical to our client. Our library staff didn’t have the time, since monitoring the sources would have required a person nearly full time. PinHawk delivered the news more frequently than we could even think about. It was an easy decision to use the Intraday Alert Service: no comparable service is available; the cost is low; and we like the regular PinHawk service. Intraday Alerts have been a great help to our attorneys and our client.”

PinHawk’s Joe Bookman says, “The PinHawk service is designed to deliver targeted news in a timely and inexpensive manner. Our Intraday Alert Service is a tremendous time saver and it enables quick action on critical matters. It is no longer necessary to assign someone the task of manually monitoring news sources. Our clients get the news they need as soon as it is available without diverting valuable human resources to a tedious manual effort.”

The subscription fee for the Intraday Alert Service varies based upon sites monitored, number of email recipients, and frequency of email delivery.

About PinHawk LLC and the Electronic Newsletter Service

PinHawk LLC is a privately held company. The company maintains and promotes its Newsletter and Web Alert services.

Newsletter Service technology distributes topic-based electronic newsletters with Internet-based, industry specific news content to professional end-users, large organizations, their clients, and their prospects. PinHawk emails are either private labeled for a client or distributed under the PinHawk label.

Daily emails distributed under the PinHawk label include: Law Firm News and Press, Hedge Fund, Bankruptcy, Tax, Economic Research & News, Foreign Currency, NYC Real Estate, Healthcare, Securities, Corporate Legal, and Law on the Blogs. Two week trials of these electronic newsletters are available at

Web Alert Service technology enables intranets and web sites to display PinHawk collected news. These alerts are updated throughout the day.

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