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PinHawk Launches Legal Education and Training Daily News

PinHawk's complimentary daily email addresses the needs of legal education professionals.

New York, NY (January 6, 2015) PinHawk LLC, the leading publisher of aggregated emails for professionals, introduces the "Education and Training Daily" electronic newsletter (ETD), a publication for professionals in law firms, legal departments and law schools with responsibility for attorney and staff training. The new PinHawk newsletter combines news from traditional sources, blogs, law technology blogs, and companies that offer services to law schools and law offices. For the first time, news targeted to the needs of the legal education community is available in one daily email. This email is distributed at no charge to legal management and education professionals.

PinHawk daily emails put the most important news into one concise format. ETD is edited by Monica Sandler, who has held high level positions in legal training and operations as well as corporate training for over 20 years. Monica's 360-view of education, training, and law, assures a well-balanced blend of topics in the ETD.

PinHawk's Joe Bookman says, "We anticipate that our newest daily email, Legal Education and Training Daily, will become an indispensable source of news and commentary for the legal education community, and early subscription requests confirm this. Our Law Technology Daily Digest; Librarian News Digest; and Legal Administrator Daily have been successful thanks to PinHawk technology and our skilled editors, Jeff Brandt, Nina Platt, John DiGilio, and Bill Lipner. Monica brings the talent and vision needed to provide our subscribers with thoughtful commentary on the most important topics of the day."

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